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❗ ATTENTION! You are screwed now Ya...

Do I have your attention? You are really screwed now and you better read this... ! Your device was recently infected with a software I developed, and now you have a problem you need to solve, because it has gone too far.. You probably noticed your device is acting strangely lately. That's because you downloaded a nasty software I created while you were browsing the Ƿornographic website... The software automatically: 1) Started your Ƈamera and begun recoding you, uploading the footage to my server... 2) Recording your device screen 3) Copied all your contact lists from mail program, facebook and your device chain 4) Started logging what you write The problem is that it has cought you while you have been ʍasturbating.. and I didn't plan to see that.. but I did. I now have the Ya.mp4 file with you ʍasturbating to this hardcore stuff... ugly!! :((
04.04.2019, 14:56
2 semanas, 4 días

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